Frequently Asked Questions

Does the shoot include Hair & Makeup?

YES! Every Dancer will receive our complete hair and makeup experience. From natural to smokey dark, from beautiful soft curls or edgy and straight. The choice is yours, whatever you like. In the pre-planning for the shoot we will have what we call our ‘Pre-Styling Session” with you and we will discuss and plan the perfect look for you. IT’S VERY IMPORTANT that you come with a clean face and dry hair. Please do not arrive with make up on.

I’m nervous, will I be shown what to do?

There’s nothing to be nervous about. This is such an exciting experience and we will guide you all the way through. We will show you what to do, how to stand, how to position yourself and soon enough your inner dance will shine thru and the resulting images will blow you away.

How will I know if I’m doing it right?

There is no right or wrong – you have your dance and we have our cameras and together we will create the perfect result. To help you along the way you will certainly be guided as to how you are looking and if you need to tilt your head or point your toe. Tash has over 20 years experience in dance and will guide you to perfection.

I’ve never been photographed before?

Most people we photograph have never been photographed before. The magic comes for the combined effort of your talent as a dancer and our talent as photographers and creative artists. We photograph ‘normal’ everyday dancers everyday and only a very few have had any experience in front of the camera.

How long does it take?

It will be all about you and your dance and feeling like a super model for a day! This amazing experience will take around 3 to 4 hours all up. The photo session itself will take around an hour, but of course there is costume changes, hair and make up and the exciting finale of the cinematic viewing in one of our gold class theatres. Once you are here you will not want to leave.

Do I get to be photographed by Tash herself?

Yes. Tash will be your photographer. Diva Dance was built on passion and dedication to dance. Translating this into Tahs’s passion for photography and creative design, Tash heads up all the shoots for Diva Dance and is also a brilliant qualified make up artist.

What shall I bring & what shall I wear?

It’s better to bring too much than too little. You will need to bring all your wardrobe, and it all depends on what style of dance you would like to showcase. Leotards, Crops, Half tutu’s, Pointe shoes.

What can I do to prepare?

Once you have booked in for a photo session, you will be sent a digital questionnaire to help you design your photo shoot, Our stylist will give you a call prior to the photo session to design the session for you.

When will I get my photos?

Once you have placed your order it will take around 6 weeks to go through the ordering and retouching process to create your personal collection of amazing dance images.

Is It scary?

There’s no doubt the thought of getting in front of the camera can be quite frightening, but you have nothing to worry about. You will feel so comfortable and supported by our amazing team that you will feel right at home instantly. Once you get your hair and makeup done you’ll start to exude confidence and we will smash it together.

Can mum come along?

Anyone can come along to watch and support you. If you are under the age of 18 a parent must be present throughout the whole Diva Dance Photography experience.

Can I take pictures during the shoot?

Taking pictures during your photo shoot is strictly PROHIBITED. You are more than welcome to take pictures while getting pampered in hair and makeup, but once you are in the studio no photos are aloud to be to taken.

What does the session cost?

This depends on what experience you are after, A Diva Dance Tiny Dancer Photography Session, a Classic Photography session or a Grunge Photography session are all $250 and include:
– Styling Consultation to design your custom photo shoot so we can bring out you as a dancer in your images.
– Hair and make up for up to two people.
– Time in the studio with Tash as your photographer creating beautiful images and memories.
– A cinematic viewing of your stunning images in our gold class cinema.
– Photographs are then purchased at an additional cost.
For a specialised Diva Dance Couture shoot please call (03) 9870 2999 for a customised design and quote.

Will I appear on the Diva Dance Photography Instagram & Facebook?

Absolutely! All of our clients are SuperStars! We will definitely feature you on our FaceBook and Instagram Pages

Where is the DivaDance Photography studio located?

Our state of the art studio is located in Ringwood, just off Eastlink. 1/37 Seymour Street Ringwood, Vic, 3134